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Are you looking for a more industrial halogen heater for outdoor, patio or garage use?

Great, you’re in the right place!

Here we have reviewed garage/workshop and parasol outdoor heaters. The Prem-i-air heater is the best garage heater of 2017 in our opinion, due to its power and robustness.

All of them can be used as electric patio heaters, but the Prem-i-air parasol heater is the most appropriate if you have a parasol that you want to attach it to.

#1 Super Robust

5 star rating
Rhino TQ3 Heating Unit

“Rhino” TQ3 Infra-red Heating Unit

This “Rhino” is a beast of a heater that will deliver a powerful punch and not be knocked around. Easy to move and effective…Read full review

#2 Great Buy

4 star rating
Prem-I-Air Halogen Heater

Prem-i-air Electric Garage Heater 3kw

This portable, industrial halogen heater, with high power output is ideal for a garage use…Read full review

#3 Electric Patio Heater

4 star rating
Prem-I-Air 2000w Parasol Heater

Prem-I-Air 2000W Parasol Patio Heater

For those who like to spend time outdoors, this unobtrusive, cleverly designed halogen patio heater will keep you warm long into the evening…Full review

Halogen patio heaters are becoming much more popular due to their ease of use, efficient heat delivery and relatively low running costs. In addition, they don’t cause the mess and waste that a real fire does.

Why These Heaters?

These units are something a little extra. They aren’t your every day, run of the mill type halogen heater.

They provide high levels of heat for larger spaces or outdoor events such as garden parties. If you are looking for the best garage heater or working for long periods of time over the winter in your workshop, these are ideal for keeping you warm.

We scoured the internet to find which ones were the most effective and have whittled it down to these three.

We wanted to provide you with 3 options, depending upon your budget, so there is something for everyone.

If you are going to be using your heater for extended periods of time we would recommend opting for the more expensive one because you usually do get what you pay for.

In terms of outdoor heaters, these electric patio heaters are exactly what you are looking for. They are robust, look good and will last you for years to come.

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