The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units


There’s no need to ditch the duvet this summer. Get yourself one of these powerful, high quality indoor, portable air conditioning units. After careful consideration here are the top two stand alone air conditioners:

#1 – Igenix IG9900 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Igenix IG9900 900W Air Conditioning Unit


  • Efficient – Energy rating A
  • Powerful – Cools rooms up to 19m² (400ft²)
  • Easy to use – 12 hour timer and remote control
  • Reliable – 2 year warranty as standard
  • Low Maintenance – self evaporating, so no water tanks to empty
  • Adjustable – 3 fan speeds and temperature control


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#2 – Igenix IG9703 Compact Air Cooler

Igenix IG9703 Mobile Air Cooler

  • Efficient – Excellent A+ energy rating
  • Size – Lightweight (6kg) and compact
  • Reliable – 2 year warranty as standard
  • Usable – 3 fan speed settings, auto-off timer
  • Powerful – Very efficient 55W unit
  • Movable – Wheels and carry handle


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Full Review: Igenix IG9900 Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Does it Work?

IG9900 Air Conditioning UnitBased on customer feedback, reviews and our personal opinion, yes it definitely works! It does a great job when used correctly. When I say correctly, I mean by closing all doors and windows to allow the unit to extract the hot air and replace it with cool air. One aspect of this making sure you use the pipe to expel air outside – see more details in the “Fitting” section below.

It is a powerful unit and can lower the temperature by several degrees in 30minutes within a medium sized room. Having the ability to control the fan speed helps with the flow of air around the room.

Is it Noisy?

This is a very subjective question, as noisy for one person might not be for another. However, overall I would say that this is quite noisy. To get around that you can run the air conditioner for some time before bed and leave it off overnight. If you are using it in a living room, you could put it in the hallway and pump the cool air in using theCheap Stand Alone Air Conditioner high fan speed setting.

Cost to Run

Using this energy price calculator, it would cost approximately 14 Pence per hour. This is based on the UK average electricity price of 15.5 pence per Kilowatt and running the unit at 900w for the full hour. If you run this air conditioner overnight for 8 hours it would cost £1.12.


In order to fit this for the most effective use you will need to get the hose which connects to the back of the unit going outside, so that it can pump the hot air from the room out. Not many people have a round hole in their wall or window so you’ll have to make one. Or, more likely, you would create board which fits into the window frame which has the hole in and you have the window open. It will take some DIY work to get it working properly. It’s always easier to see it in action so here is a YouTube video of someone doing exactly that:


This mobile air conditioning unit really packs a punch and does a great job of cooling down relatively large areas. It’s not expensive to run, either. Just 42 pence a day if you run it for 3 hours. It might not be the cheapest machine you can buy but as the saying goes, “buy cheap buy twice”. You should get years of use out of it so it will work out value for money and what price can you put on a decent night’s sleep when you have to work in the morning?

Some people complain that it’s noisy. This might be so for some people but after time of using it I’m sure you will get used to it. Alternatively, you can cool the room before you go to bed and try to keep the cool air in by closing all the doors and windows.

I’d highly recommend this air conditioner for anywhere in the home, such as the bedroom, conservatory or living room.

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Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Igenix IG9900 Air Conditioner

A powerful, robust and very effective portable air conditioning unit that will reduce the temperature significantly in any medium to large sized room. No more hot nights when you use this excellent piece of kit

Advantages: Inexpensive to run, easily movable, effective, powerful

Disadvantages: Some say it’s noisy, for proper use you need to have an externally facing window and make the vent go outside

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How Does it Work?

IG9703 Air CoolerThe IG9703 unit is an air cooler and not an air conditioning unit. This difference is key. The unit uses a refillable water tank to gently spray a light mist of water into the air which makes everything cooler. You can put ice cubes into the water tank to make the water as cold as possible. It holds 6 litres of water which is sufficient for many hours of use. It’s also possible to run the unit just in fan mode.

When you run it in the air cooling mode which produces more air humidity, it is recommended to open a door or window so that the water vapour in the air can escape.

Noise & Running Costs

Some customers report that they think it’s quite noisy, however many others state that it is fine and can sleep with no problem at all with it on. My personal opinion is that you just need to get used to it. Anything unusual in the room may keep you awake so one option is to run it for a few hours before you go to bed to get the room down to an acceptable temperature which will make it easier to get to sleep.

Running this Igenix IG9703 unit will cost approximately 0.8 pence per hour…Almost nothing! That’s calculated using the UK average energy price of 15 pence per KW/h. The calculation is:

((Watts * Hours of use) / 1000) * Cost per Kilowatt per hour

((55 * 1) / 1000) * 15 = 0.8 pence per hour


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Igenix Air Cooler AC Unit

Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler

A lightweight, compact little unit that delivers a pleasant cooling effect to your room. Most suitable for smaller rooms and for those looking for an efficient and portable unit instead of a large, full on air conditioning unit

Advantages: Cheap, very efficient and low running costs, no need for vents

Disadvantages: Not quite as effective as proper AC (Air Conditioning) unit but very close and ideal for UK summers where full AC is not always required