Electric & Night (economy 7) Storage Heaters

Storage heaters contain materials, usually called bricks, inside the unit itself which get heated during the night when the cost of electricity is much lower.

This is also known as an economy 7 tariff (using power at night), hence why they are also called night storage heaters.

The heat is stored in the bricks and then used throughout the day in order to heat the room where the heater has been installed.

You can get free standing or wall mounted versions and prices range according to quality, power and design.

Below we have hand picked the best Elnur storage heaters because we believe they are great value and will do an excellent job.

#1 Luxury

5 star rating
Prem-I-Air Halogen Heater

Elnur, 3.4Kw Combination Storage Heater

Have your cake and eat it with this great combination of economy 7 generated heat with the ability to supplement with normal power. Best of both worlds…Full review

#2 Best Buy

4 star rating
Elnur 1.8kw Storage Heater

Elnur, 2.55Kw Economy Storage Heater

This economical storage heater is a no frills, reliable piece of kit that has been designed and built well and comes with a 5 year warranty to back that claim up…Read full review

Why These Night Storage Heaters?

When comparing these units to other, more portable and less expensive heating appliances, you should bear in mind that if you are purchasing one of these products for long term use it’s worth spending a little extra to get a durable, efficient and higher quality heater so you don’t have to replace it for many years.

The storage heating units above show you what is available on the market in terms of both a pure storage heater which generates and stores its heat overnight when your electricity tariff is at its lowest* cost and a combination storage heater which does the same as a traditional one but also gives you the option of switching the convection heater on when you require it at anytime of the day or night, regardless of how much heat you have stored. Perfect if you need a little extra heat boost.

*Check which tariff you are on with your electricity company. You need to have an economy 7 one in order to get the full benefits of a night storage heater.

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