Small 800W Electric Heaters

These small heating units were selected based on their portability, cost and effectiveness as an electric heater which provides an acceptable level of heat output for a small area. Ideally suited for 1 person, with an 800w power output, who wants that extra boost of heat during the winter months or in an outside but covered area.

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motionperformance halogen heater

Motionperformance Floor Standing 800W

Ideally suited for people who need an extra heating boost in their home this winter…Full review

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Happy Halogen Heater

Connect it Two Tube Halogen Heater

This no frills, compact heater is an effective heat source at an affordable price…Full review

4.5 star rating Buy Now

Why These Halogen Heaters?

We have selected the above halogen heaters from a wide selection of available heating appliances available on the UK market. The smaller units are actually all very reasonably priced and therefore there isn’t a huge difference between the cheapest and the most expensive ones in this category.

The small panel heaters with thermostat category of 800w halogen heaters is one which is suitable for a small room, like a shed or small garage where you just need a little extra heat to take the chill off. Ideal if you want to focus the heat on a particular person, which is why they tend not to come with oscillating functions because they do not give off enough heat to spread it around effectively over larger areas.

We have based our opinions on personal experience and the opinions of those who have used the heaters. At these kind of prices you can’t really go too wrong, so go have a look at the products we have reviewed and recommended above and see which one you want to buy today.

If, however, you are after a heater which provides a little more power be sure to check out the medium halogen heaters range of recommended halogen fires that we have hand selected for you.

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