Rhino TQ3 Infra-red Heater 240v 2.8kW

This beautiful beast of a heating unit is affectionately known as “Rhino”! It packs a punch, delivering 2,800 Watts of power, can be easily moved and weighs a lot less than your typical rhino…

2 Heat Settings

– Use either at 1,400W or 2,800W

– Perfect for garages, workshops, etc

Efficient Heat

– Cost effectively heats a large area

– Reflective compartments push heat out


– Simply plug in and heat up

– Safety bars shield user from heating elements


– Easy to manoeuvre around on wheels

– Heats up instantly


In Our Opinion…

For anyone who has to work or finds themselves in a cold corner of the home or outbuilding, loft, etc this is the piece of kit you have been waiting for. The powerful, robust Rhino can be wheeled around to direct heat to wherever you need it, when you need it. The two, 1.4kW heating elements can be switched on independently so you can adjust the heat output to your liking and they heat up instantly to produce a warming glow.


As an added benefit the elements are actually very bright. Some people find it annoying but we think it’s a good thing because you don’t need so much light and it’s very easy to position the heater so you aren’t looking directly at it. You don’t stare directly at the Sun, do you…?

It’s quite a hefty product, weighing in at around 15kg, which makes it ideal for workshops or areas where it might get knocked so this unit should not fall over very easily.

Buy Rhino TQ3 Infra Red Heating Unit

Perfect for those who want a robust, no nonsense heater for their workshop, shed or loft. Get this piece of kit and it’ll keep you warm over the winter months without a problem. Comes supplied with a 3m cable.

Replacement heating elements can also be purchased from Amazon, here.

Rhino TQ3

Buy Rhino TW3 Garage Heater

A very robust heating unit which can take a few knocks, which is exactly what you need if it’d going to be in your garage where you are working. It’s a powerful machine and looks sturdy, too.

Advantages: Produces a great amount of power to keep you and your team warm and can be moved around very easily

Disadvantages: Can look a little chunky to some but that’s not a problem in a larger workshop or garage

Approx. price range: £145 – £160

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