Top Reasons to Purchase a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

Splashbacks are an important addition to any kitchen. They are usually made of tiles or glass but the latter has grown in popularity over the years.

Splashbacks protect you’re your wall against splashes, stains and damage saving you lots of money in the long run and ensuring your kitchen looks great all the time.

However, many people now prefer to add splashbacks made of glass because they add more character to the kitchen. They are brighter, add more depth and complement the kitchen fittings and counter tops.

Granite Splashback in Kitchen

If you are looking to add splashbacks made of glass to your kitchen, then the best option you have is installing the made to measure ones. Here are some reasons why.

1. Perfect Fit for Your Kitchen

Not all kitchens are the same size and not all will require the same size of glass to add as your splashback. You might need rectangular glass in some spaces, square glass elsewhere and so forth.

The only way to get the perfect fit for your kitchen is to have the glass made to measure to your kitchen.

To get custom made splashbacks, you need to contact a reputable supplier near you. They will show up and take the right measurements for the areas where you need the splashbacks.

If you purchase a splashback that is not the right size then it becomes unusable because you cannot easily reduce it to the required size without damaging it.

A custom made to measure splashback offers the best protection for your wall because it will be cut to the right size.

2. Easy to Clean

When you have your glass splashbacks made to measure they come as one complete surface without any grout lines like tiles have.

This makes them very easy to clean because you do not have grout anywhere in between which collects and attracts dirt and grime. With glass you are cleaning just one smooth surface which is pretty easy.

Grout Lines in Tiles

Grout lines in tiles can be hard to clean

Tiles are also known to be hard to clean and get stained easily unlike glass. Since the installation of glass is seamless, it reduces the chances for growth of mold.

However if you choose to use tiles, then you might have to deal with issues of mold growth. Remember mold can really affect your health and much worse when it grows near your food and water areas.

It can also easily spread to your kitchen gadgets, which I’m sure you’re very proud of!

3. Installation

When you contact a supplier they will not only deliver the right measurements they will also install the glass for you. This means that you will not spend extra money hiring someone to do the installation. Also, getting the installation done by the supplier that sold the glass validates the warranty on it.

This is a pretty good article and video on how to install a splashback.

Usually, many suppliers will void the warranty if the glass is installed by someone that they do not know because they cannot be sure that it was correctly installed.

Also DIY installation of splashbacks can be time consuming and hard so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

With made to measure installation you can be sure to have the best fit for you kitchen. This means great protection for your wall, value for your money and a beautiful and seamless installation.