Connect it Two Tube Halogen Heater

This small, portable quartz heater is ideal for providing a little heat boost when you most need it, be it indoors or in the garage. The 800w output is perfect for taking away that cold chill.

2 Heat Settings

– Use either at 400W or 800W output

– Ideal for small areas

Efficient Heat

– Maximum efficiency of heat transfer

– Direct heat towards target


– Unit switches off if it falls over

– Safety bars shield hot elements


– small and easy to store

– instantly generates heat


In Our Opinion…

Whether you want this portable quartz heater for indoors or the garage you won’t be disappointed. It’s very low cost and instant heat make this ideal for keeping in the cupboard for when the nights draw in and winter has settled in. When you need that extra bit of warmth without having to wait for the central heating to warm up the radiators, this product is going to deliver every time.

It’s convenient, efficient and does exactly what you need. It’s a no frills quartz element heater but comes with a built in safety switch which automatically turns the unit off should it tumble over, so you can rest assured that if you nod off you won’t wake up to a fire!

Buy Connect it Two Tube Heating Unit

If you’re after a cheap, portable heating unit for 1 person in a small room this is the one for you. Check out the prices below and click through to buy right away and have it delivered in just a few days.

Please note that this is a cheap heater so don’t expect it to last forever…Buy cheap, buy twice as the saying goes! If you want something that will last a long time and for extended use, check out our more robust, luxury heaters in the large, x-large and conservatory heaters ranges.

Lloytron Halogen Radiator

Buy Connect it Two Tube Heater

This easily portable and no frills heating unit is a great heat source of heat is ideally suited for those who want a low cost option

Advantages: Affordable, easy to move around and a great small source of heat

Disadvantages: Might not be powerful enough for some larger areas or those who like it really hot!

Approx. price range: £8 – £12

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