5 Things to Prepare For A Stress-Free Christmas

Holidays are here yet again. It’s a time to be happy and make merry with family and friends while catching up on how the year has unfolded.

However, to have a lovely holiday, you need to focus on getting the important stuff ready. Meals, emergency funds, supplies and gifts for family and friends need to be sorted out well in advance.

Though, one area you should give equal attention to is your home’s cleanliness. The last thing you want is having your Christmas holiday in an unclean house.

Dirty Dishes Piling Up

But, worry not, below are a few useful cleanliness tips you can consider to have a stress free Christmas.

Follow these trusted tips to remove one stress, especially if your in-laws are coming over with a ken eye for cleanliness details…

1. Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

Christmas time usually finds you entertaining friends and family in the house. So, the first thing to do is clean the house properly.

You would not want your guests to come to an unclean home. Overall housing cleaning is essential, but one area you should focus on is the bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom should be paramount due to its sensitive nature.

Clean grout using suitable ways such as steam cleaning, applying chlorine or oxygen bleach to get rid of dirt, grime and soap scum that may be trapped. Here are some helpful tips you can try, too:

Scrub the bathroom walls and floor with appropriate cleaners and disinfectants. For the bathtub, give it a thorough scrub to remove the smudge and salts that have built up. You really want the bathroom to be looking luxurious.

Besides cleaning, you can also repair and replace worn out and broken parts such as taps, pipes and heating system. Finally, you can stock the bathroom with appropriate toiletries.

Also, if you have a bathroom heater or extractor fan make sure to clean the dust from it. It just needs a wipe but it can look very unsightly if left alone for months at a time without being cleaned.

2. Clean the Furniture

You can also extend your cleaning to your furniture. Regular dusting of your furniture will ensure that they are in top shape.

Clean them up with appropriate furniture cleaners. Later on, you can cover them up with proper fabrics to protect them against food and drink spillage, pets, and kids.

Homely, Clean Furniture

If you have throws, make sure to wash them and use a fresh smelling softener to give your home a beautiful scented smell.

3. Stock Lots of Cleaning Materials

During Christmas time a lot of eating, drinking, and washing takes place. Clothes will be washed left right and center. Dishes and utensils will pile up every now and again.

Beautiful Christmas Styled Soap

So, to prepare adequately ensure you purchase enough cleaning materials. Bathing soaps, washing detergents, disinfectants, and wiping cloths should be in plenty to avoid inconveniences.

Do a home shop a month before in the lead up to Christmas so that everything you need is still in stock at the supermarket.

4. Get Enough Waste Bins

Due to lots of eating and drinking all manner of waste will accumulate. If you are not well prepared it can be a source of illness for your family and guests.

Invest in proper waste bins to handle the vast amounts of waste that will accumulate. Make prior arrangements with the waste company to collect the garbage at designated periods before they excessively pile up.

Also, ensure the waste bins are far away from the house to prevent the foul smell. And be careful that you don’t leave food waste in bags on the street because dogs, foxes and cats will get into them overnight leaving you another mess to clear up.

There have even been reports of foxes learning how to open the bins!

5. Proper Water Supply

With lots of cleaning set to take place around Christmas, it would be wise to have an appropriate supply of water. Without water, you will not be able to get things done.

The sight of dishes piling up in the sink or lots of dirty clothes in the laundry basket will disrupt your Christmas mood if you do not have the water necessary to clean these items.

If you are sure that there will be a water shortage around the Christmas period, you can make prior arrangements to source water from somewhere else.