Prem-i-air Halogen Garage Heater 3kw

A robust workshop heater with 2 power outputs, built for durability and strength while delivering a very powerful 3kw heat source when you need it the most.

2 Heat Settings

– 1500w and 3000w

– Built in thermostat


– Direct heat, instantly ready

– Cheaper than oil radiators to run


– Overheat and tip over safety cut off

– Locking wheels to prevent rolling


– handle to provide portability

– Silent operation

 In Our Opinion…

We love this industrial looking heater from Prem-I-Air. With it’s red, metal exterior, 3kw heat output and sturdy design this will look right at home in any man’s garage or workshop! You can wall mount it or leave it on the wheels for ultimate portability and just lock them in place to stop it rolling around.

The cost of running this is around 17p per hour on the 1.5kw setting and 34p on the 3kw setting, that’s based on an electricity price of 12p per kw unit.

With the built in safety features and massive heat output this will easily keep many a garage cosy enough for you to work right through the winter without having to worry about expensive heating costs. Our tip would be to get a plug socket timer switch and set it up so it comes on at set times of the day.

One word of warning is that you should make sure the halogen bulbs are free from any condensation before you start it up as this can lead to them blowing if water is on them.

Buy Prem-I-Air Garage Halogen Heater

There really isn’t a better heater for a garage or workshop and we think this one sells itself. Click through on one of the links below to get yourself one of these to keep you warm at work.

Prem-i-air 3Kw Heater

Buy Prem-i-air 3Kw Garage Heater

A fantastically sturdy and industrial looking heating unit is ideal for garage use and will certainly keep you warm while you work.

Advantages: Great power, robust and will do the job very easily

Disadvantages: Might be a little more expensive that other heaters but this is a great item and will do a superb job heating you up and will pay for itself in no time at all

Approx. price range: £145 – £160

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