Prem-I-Air 2000W Parasol Heater

Ideal for garden use on those summer evenings when it turns a little cooler but you want to stay outside, this powerful parasol heater fits unobtrusively around an existing garden parasol and even folds down for easy storage.

3 Heat Settings

– 650W, 1300W & 2000W

– Instantly heats up


– Silent operation

– Distributes heat up to 4.5m away


– Tip over cut odd switch mechanism

– No gas or harmful fumes


– Compact when folded away

– Attached to existing parasol

Prem-I-Air Parasol Heater

Prem-I-Air 2000w Halogen Heater

In Our Opinion…

If you are a fan out alfresco dining in the summer months but often find it gets a little chilly later on in the evening this product is what you are looking for. It attaches very easily to an existing parasol/umbrella pole using a bracket. It is secure and can be folded down if not in use or to store away easily when you take down the parasol.

The heat delivery from this Prem-I-Air heating system is excellent, generating a targeted flow of warmth to those within a 4.5m radius when the heater is outputting the full 2000w power from all three heating arms.

The unit is cast in aluminium resulting in a polished, very presentable finish which will look at home in any garden. It’s silent operation is ideal when compared to other heating options. Furthermore, there are no harmful gases produced when using this heater, unlike many gas heaters which are far more dangerous and will probably run out of gas when you need it the most! Just plug it in and away you go.

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We love this halogen heater. Not only does it work very effectively for dinner parties and BBQs in the summer months, but you can attach it to a pole and put it anywhere you like in winter, such as in the garage or workshop, giving you two units for the price of one. I know you’ll love it too, so click through below to get it for the best price from one of our preferred sellers.

Prem-i-air Parasol Heater

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A great product for the garden for those evenings when it’s not quite warm enough to sit outside but you want to sit out there anyway, with a touch of warmth!

Advantages: Site nicely around an existing parasol stand and can be adjusted up or down depending on how you like it

Disadvantages: Surrounds can get hot so be careful when moving it after extended use

Approx. price range: £65 – £75

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