Prem-I-Air Low Energy Bathroom Panel Heater

This low energy (400W) panel heater from reputable manufacturer Prem-I-Air is ideally suited for those who need just a small addition heat source because of it’s low cost and lower energy output. It comes equipped with feet so that it can be free standing or wall mounted in your bathroom, as it is IPX4 rated meaning that it’s suitable for use in potentially wet environments.

Heater Highlights

  • Thermostat control
  • Auto overheat cut out
  • Includes plug
  • Low running costs
  • Safe in wet environments
  • Traditional radiator look

I bought one of these as an experiment and have been delighted by the result. In fact delighted that I bought two more!

– Robert Price, Amazon UK verified purchaser

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In Our Opinion…

With this more traditional radiator style heater you have the option of using it free standing or mounting it to a wall. It comes supplied with a plug so that you can move it around and plug it in wherever you need a bit of heat. If you are sure you want to mount it in the bathroom, kitchen or other room you should connect it direct to the mains power supply to be on the safe side.

This Prem-i-air heater has the option to control the temperature and with a modest 400W output it means that you will be saving a lot of energy wastage if you leave it on for a longer periods and will be kinder to your wallet, too. For example, if you left it running for 5 hours at full power it would cost around 20 pence. Having a more powerful heater, such as the Glen 1kW bathroom heater, would result in a cost of 50 pence (prices quoted are on an estimated, average cost for electricity across the UK).

Note: If you decide to mount this to a wall in your bathroom you should definitely consider getting it professionally installed by a qualified electrician to be on the safe side.

Key Points

  • Comes with a plug
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing
  • 400W, adjustable power output
  • Built in thermostat mode

If you compare this to other bathroom style heaters there are a few major differences:

  1. It can be free standing or wall mounted
  2. It comes fitted with a plug as standard but can also be hard wired
  3. The power is much lower
  4. It is a panel heater, like a radiator, and not a fan heater

Another bonus of using this heater is that it will definitely be quieter than the other models because it does not have a fan. Having said that, it is much larger so you have to make sure you are comfortable with how it looks and will be a good fit in the area of the home that you want to use it in.

Buy it Now…

Make sure you get in quick while these are still in stock and we have seen problems with a supply shortage in the past on Amazon.

Prem-I-Air Bathroom Heater

Prem I Air Bathroom Heating Unit

A more traditional radiator style look, low running cost option which gives you to flexibility to have it free standing or wall mounted…

Advantages: Good value, cheap to run, flexibility of use

Disadvantages: Size of unit and lack of power if needed

Approx. price range: £23 – £26

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