Motionperformance 800W Floor Standing Heater

This small, portable floor standing heating unit is perfect for giving off a little heating booster when you need it the most, whether that be indoors or out. The 800w setting is great for taking the edge of that cold, winter chill.

2 Heat Settings

– Use on 400 or 800 Watts

– Perfect for 1 person/small area

Efficient Heat

– Great design uses heat effectively

– Heats the target directly


– Safety grill prevents burning

– Automatic cut off when tipped


– Easy to move around

– Angle to the best direction for you


In Our Opinion…

This portable and efficient halogen heating unit is a great buy before winter really sets in this year. It’s small, easy to move around and reasonably priced. Having a larger base when compared to some other models means that it is more stable so less likely to be knocked over, which I think is a bonus because it means that it’s safer.

The heating unit has 2 heat settings, 400W and 800W, so it’s not the most powerful unit you can buy but it does provide an ample amount of heat for 1 person in a smaller, not too windy area where you can have the heater reasonably close to you. Most people who get on well with this item are those who are using it as a supplementary heating source for inside their home, perhaps in their living room or small office which doesn’t have heating or they don’t want to heat the whole house.

Buy Motionperformance Halogen Heater

Ideally suited for those who want an efficient and small boost to their heating all throughout the year but especially during the colder winter months. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed by this unit because it does the job that it was designed for and well. The unit is actually produced by prem-i-air so it’s a good quality piece. Buy now with confidence.

Motionperformance heater

Buy Motionperformance Floor Standing Heater

Ideal for those looking for a heating boost this winter, from an efficient and effective floor standing heating unit.

Advantages: Easily portable, clean and simple look with an effective heat production system

Disadvantages: Only has two heat settings so only suitable for smaller indoor areas and for individual use, but it won’t disappoint

Approx. price range: £20 – £25

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