The Best 1200W Halogen Heaters

The cold is coming…So it’s a good job you’re here.

Below you will find the best selling 1200W halogen heaters to keep you warm this winter.

Ideal for that small boost of warmth without the cost of the central heating.

We only list safe, efficient and reliable heaters for your home which are available to buy from Amazon today.

#1 Best Buy

5 star rating
Halogen Heater 1200W

Best Selling 1200W Halogen Heater

This 3 setting, eco-design heater ensures optimal efficiency of heat output. Designed for indoor use in small and medium sized rooms, it’s ideal for 1-2 people…Read Full review



#2 Great Value

4 star rating
Halogen Heater 1200W Value

Quest 1200W

A great value halogen heater which is ideally suited to supplement your central heating. Cheap to run, cheap to buy and delivers a nice boost of warmth for you this winter…Read Full review

Why These Halogen Heaters?

When looking at a medium sized halogen heater, which we have classified as 1200W power output, your choices are not massive and neither are the costs.

At this size you would be looking to heat a small room and probably use the heater as a boost to your usual heating method, such as central heating.

What you get

Medium sized halogen heaters usually offer an oscillating function to effectively heat more than one person or a larger area.

They also offer the ability to have multiple heat settings. For these particular halogen heaters, 400w, 800w and 1200w heat outputs are available so you can choose both how efficient and how hot you want them.

Cost to Run

I’ve written a guide on how much a 1200w halogen heater costs per hour to run, so check that out.

Before you go a quick question…

Would you like to save money on your energy bills?

Save money on energy bills

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