Large Halogen Heaters

Ideally suited for those requiring a higher heat output we have picked the best larger halogen heaters available on the UK market.

Choose from the hand-selected heaters below depending on your budget and style.

If you are looking for something even more powerful, be sure to look at our X-Large heaters and those we have added to the conservatories page. All units below are 1600w halogen heaters.

#1 Best Buy

5 star rating
halogen heater 1600w

Kingavon Heating Unit – 1600W

A fantastic halogen heater with an oscillating function and powerful output to really keep you warm this winter…Full review

#2 Great Value

4 star rating

Halogen Heater 1600W

Lloytron 4 Bar, 1600W Halogen Heater

An affordable heater which has a generous heat output and is ideal for most areas in your home, workshop or small garage…Full review


Why These Heating Units?

In this “large” range of halogen heaters, we are looking at those heating appliances with at least a 1600W power output rating.

They usually offer the ability to set the output at varying levels, normally in 400W increments. This functionality provides you with an effective heater for both small and large areas.

These are ideal for workshops, larger indoor rooms or for those who like it hot!

If you are looking for something larger check out our Extra Large halogen heaters page for some seriously powerful units!

We also have a page dedicated to conservatory and storage heaters, which may be more suitable to your requirements.

Although within those categories, they can be used in many places and not just in a conservatory.

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