Infrastip – Infrared 1.8Kw Radiant Space Heater

With improvements in technology come new and innovative products to the market place and what we have here is one of them. This infrared heater looks minimalist and stylish which would be a great addition to any home, conservatory or large space that requires a heating boost.

Heat Settings

– Adjustable with a remote control

– LCD thermostat (comes separate to unit)


– 1.8Kw power output with no heat loss

– Heat is evenly distributed across unit


– Automatically shuts off if overheating

– Low energy and maintenance


– Includes wall fixings

– Withstands water splashes

In Our Opinion…

This unit looks fantastic. We love how minimal it looks and think it will fit well in many situations, such as conservatories, garages and loft offices. It can be mounted high up on the wall and positioned out of the way so as not to take up unnecessary space on the floor like a lot of other heating products.

The thermostat is not inbuilt with this model which means that you will have to get someone to do it for you, or do it yourself if you are confident in doing so. You don’t have to use it but it makes controlling the temperature a lot easier and improves the energy efficiency of the heater.

When mounting on the wall you can place it somewhere higher up and allow the heat to radiate downward. It is reasonably powerful so will emit heat to warm up a sufficiently large area, up to 20m² according to the manufacturer.

Although a lot more expensive than other heating devices this product will really stand out and be an addition to your home which attracts attention and questions from visitors. It looks slick and modern and has been designed to output heat in the most optimal way with the least impact on your living space.

Buy Infrastrip Infrared Heating Unit

Although there are few reviews for this product, we have spoken to users who have this item and really rate it highly. They love the look, how it performs and that it’s compact and can be mounted higher up on the wall. It’s suitable for many areas, too, because it is splash resistant. You can see the other innovative ways in which this company are designing products on their Amazon store.

Lloytron Halogen Radiator

Buy Infrastrip Conservatory Heater

A very modern, stylish and minimalist looking heating strip which has a splash proof casing and can be used indoors and out.

Advantages: Thin and sleek looking which is suitable for many areas, combined with a generous heat output

Disadvantages: A touch on the expensive side but if you have a modern and beautiful home why ruin it with something unsightly

Approx. price range: £420 – £450

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