Halogen Heaters Running Costs

Do halogen heaters use a lot of electricity?

Good question. And it has a very quantifiable answer:

A 1,000W (1Kw) halogen heater = 15 pence per hour

*Based on the UK average price tariff

Halogen Heater Running Costs

So, a 1200w halogen heater running cost would be 18 pence per hour.

A halogen heater’s energy consumption is directly related to the power output and how long you run it at that power output for.

Now for the longer answer…

There are some other considerations…It’s common that people want to know how much it will differ from central heating.

They are different because you can quickly turn an electric heater on/off and the heat will be direct rather than central heating which has to heat all the air around you.

Quite often people ask “Is a halogen heater energy efficient?“. It’s a good question.

They are and they aren’t. It will depend on what you are trying to achieve. To heat a whole house would not be that efficient, you’d be better off with central heating.

To heat a smaller area or a specific room in the house, then yes it would be more efficient to use a halogen heater.

Energy Saving Electric Heaters

There aren’t really any energy saving heaters because the power that they use tells you exactly how much they are going to cost.

2018 Update: I noticed quite a few US based readers checking out this site. Unfortunately my reviews only cover the UK market. If you’re US based I would recommend checking out these best space heaters.

You can get various units which allow you to control how many bars, and therefore how much power, you are going to use.

For example, this 1200W halogen heater has 3 settings to control how much power is used.

What you should do…

Best Halogen Heater 1200W ReviewIf you’re looking for a quick source of heat to boost your central heating or for use every now and then, a portable halogen heater is a good choice.

Head over to the homepage to view which one is most suitable for your needs.

Top-Tip: You can easily calculate how much it will cost by remembering that every 1000W will cost 15p per hour to run.