Lloytron 4 Bar Halogen Heater 1600W



Since writing this review, the Lloytron halogen heater is no longer available.

I would highly recommend checking out the superior model to this, which is this one which is also available on Amazon:

1600W Best Selling Halogen Heater



Grab yourself a bargain with this Lloytron halogen heater high heat output halogen heater at a more than affordable price which can be used indoors as a heating booster or in your garage/workshop as the main source of heat. 

4 Heat Settings

– 400W, 800W, 1200W & 1600W

– Fast starting heat delivery


– Ideal for ocassional use

– An efficient heat source


– Auto safety switch off mechanism

– Metal housing prevents burning


– Oscillates to distribute heat

– Carry handle for easy moving

In Our Opinion…

With a 1600W output, 4 heat settings and a heating unit that oscillates, this is a great value for money halogen heater. The usual safety features that you come to expect from a modern design are all present, including an automatic safety cut-off switch if the unit should fall over.

This heater is slightly larger than some of the less powerful models because it has an extra heating bar but it is still not large by any means. It will fit nicely in the cupboard when you are not using it and has a carry handle to make moving it that much easier.

Buy Lloytron 4 Bar Halogen Heater 1600W

Getting this power at this price is a bargain in my opinion. It will adequately heat a small room and can pump out enough heat to keep you warm in the garage or workshop. I know people have used this particular heater for their garage where they have some home workout equipment and it is ideally suited for that.

The prices below are the best prices around on the internet so grab yourself a bargain and click on over to one of the trusted sites and have your heater with you in just a few days time.

Lloytron Halogen Radiator

Buy Lloytron 1600W heater

An easily affordable halogen heater that has a great heat power output which is perfect for all locations and areas wherever you use it in your home.

Advantages: A bargain at this price for such a high powered heat source

Disadvantages: Being a slightly larger unit due to the 4 bars when compared with the lower powered models, some may find it bigger than expected but it’s really not that large at all.

Approx. price range: £12 – £16

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