Benross 1200W Halogen Heater

This mid level halogen heater does exactly what it says on the tin!

3 heat settings, efficiently delivering a substantial level of heat for a small room or enclosed garage.

*** UPDATE 2017 ***

The range of available heaters has reduced and most units are very similar. That’s why I recommend this 12ooW heater. Read the full review.

The unit below has been discontinued.


What does it deliver…?


  • Small, lightweight design
  • Emits light so save on lighting costs

Ease of Use

  • 400W, 800W and 1200W
  • Instantly provides heat


  • Trip switch if unit should fall
  • Safety bars surround elements


  • Direct heat source to specific areas
  • From 6p per hour to run

In Our Opinion…

When using a halogen heater there are times when you need more heat and times when you need less.

This heater is ideally suited for those occasions because you can easily adjust the heat from the lowest, 400W setting to the 1200W setting.

The heat delivered from the full setting is more than adequate for 1 person in a small room or for a couple of people to huddle around in a workshop.

The oscillating feature on this model ensures that not one person hogs all the heat! And should you fight over who has a front row seat and it gets knocked over, you needn’t worry because it has an auto kill switch which will turn the unit off immediately for safety reasons.

If you’re looking for a low-cost supplementary heating source for your home look no further than this 1200w halogen heater which will keep you warm through the winter months.

Cost to Run…

  • 400W = 5.6 pence per hour
  • 800W = 11.2 pence per hour
  • 1200W = 16.8 pence per hour

Buy the Benross 1200W Halogen Heater

Check out the prices below to see which is the cheapest and then click through to the site where you can purchase your heater and be using it within a few days. The companies listed are very reputable so you can buy with confidence.

Quest 1200W Halogen Heater

1200W Heating Unit Summary

An affordable halogen heating unit which is perfect capable of supplementing your central heating system and delivering what it needs to and fast.

Advantages: Cheap, effective and easy to use

Disadvantages: There really aren’t any for a heater with this price tag

Approx. price range: £16 – £18

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