Best Selling 1200W Halogen Heater


Tired of wasting money heating heating empty rooms?

Best Halogen Heater 1200W ReviewThis could be the solution to your problems…

Join thousands of home owners who’ve made the switch to a more cost-effective, warmer heater.

In this independent review I reveal the good, bad and ugly about this best selling heater.

Here are some of the highlights of this 1.2Kw heater:


  • Oscillates to distribute heat
  • Perfect additional source of heat

Ease of Use

  • 400W, 800W and 1200W
  • Direct heat where you need it


  • Auto safety switch off mechanism
  • Metal housing prevents burning


  • Heats up instantly
  • From 6p per hour to run

In My Opinion…


This ECO-oval halogen heater is perfect for those who want a little extra heat this winter, but without the higher costs.

Specifically designed to be more cost-effective and efficient. The shape of the unit delivers the heat exactly where you want it; out the front and not absorbed by the casing and sent out to the sides and back.

This oscillating, 1200W halogen heater is ideal for home use with 3 heat settings to efficiently deliver a controlled level of heat for a small room or enclosed garage.

Cost to Run…

It has 3 heat settings to give you full control. Based on UK average electricity costs, here is how much it will cost to run on each heat setting:

  • 400W = 5.6 pence per hour
  • 800W = 11.2 pence per hour
  • 1200W = 16.8 pence per hour

Size of Unit

The heating unit is approximately 30cm wide x 50cm tall x 15cm deep.

The bottom line…

In terms of oscillating 1200w halogen heaters, its lightweight and space saving design result in a heater which delivers on efficiency and cost. It’s cheap, portable and delivers heat instantly.

The oscillating function helps to deliver the heat over a wider area and would work nicely in a living room, garage or workshop where there is more than 1 person to think about.

Note: If the area is larger than a single garage or a big room I would recommend a large heater.

This is one of the best selling halogen heaters available to buy in the UK at the moment. Prepare yourself for winter and get a little warmth back in your life!

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1200W halogen heater

Best Selling 1200W Halogen Heater

This halogen heater which has 3 heat settings and an attractive, eco-design look, ensures optimal efficiency of power to heat output.

Advantages: Efficient, cheap and well designed

Disadvantages: Might not last forever, but it’s cheap

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