Glen Bathroom Heater 2kW

Liked by customers all over the UK to keep them warm in the bathroom, this unit from Glen is a fantastic little piece of kit which has been designed specifically for safety in wetter environments. Let’s take a more detailed look at what the heater has to offer.

Heater Highlights

  • 1kW or 2kW output
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Ready to install from box
  • Efficient source of heat
  • Reliable and safe
  • Trustworthy manufacturer

It’s nice & warm, and is a touch of luxury. I’m looking forward to using it in the winter!

– Geoff Walker, verified Amazon UK purchaser

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In Our Opinion…

This downflow hater is made by Glen Dimplex, so it’s from a large, well known and reputable brand which is a good start because you can usually rely on them to have higher standards than some cheaper alternatives. It has been designed specifically for bathroom use, so you have no worries if it gets a little steamy and wet.

Note: This item must be installed into the mains power supply, there is no plug for it. It is recommended that you use a qualified electrician but if you can wire a plug you should be able to do this, too.

Some Key Points

  • The pull cord doesn’t make a ‘click’ sound so be gentle with it to prevent damage
  • It can only be wall mounted
  • You must choose the power output at installation, either 1kW or 2kW
  • It comes with screws and rawl plugs so you can fit straight away
  • The thermostat only works when used in the 2kW mode

For the price of this heater you aren’t going to get the best piece of kit in the World so don’t expect it to last for 10 years. But, with that being said, it will last and be a reliable addition to your bathroom if you take care of it. Every now and then you will need to give it a clean to remove any dust build up to prevent malfunctioning of the thermostat and other mechanisms inside.

Its compact and clean design allow it to be fitted almost anywhere in the room and will go pretty much unnoticed by most, so you don’t have to worry about having a large radiator type of unit hanging off your wall.

If you’re still not convinced about this heater, one which hundreds of people would recommend you purchase today, then check out our other bathroom heater reviews. If it’s something cheaper you want, have a look at another downflow, 2kW heater we have reviewed.

Buy it Now…

If you’re in need of a little boost of heat we can highly recommend this wall mounted fan heater by Glen. It’s reliable, relatively cheap and pumps out enough heat to keep a small to medium sized bathroom warm enough for most people’s needs. Buy from Amazon:

Glen Bathroom Heater

Glen 2kW Heater

A compact, easy to install, great little heating unit that won’t break the bank. Easy and quick to heat your bathroom when you need it and at short notice.

Advantages: Affordable, high heat output

Disadvantages: The lack of thermostatic control when set to 1kW setting

Approx. price range: £28 – £34

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