Save £200 on your energy bills this winter

Why should you consider switching?

The government put out this message which is staggering. It’s incredible to think that such a large number of households are not taking advantage of switching suppliers when it’s so easy to do.

Save Money on Energy

There are 5 main reasons to consider switching who your energy supplier is:

  1. You might be on a more expensive, older tariff or a variable rate tariff
  2. New deals might have become available recently
  3. If you never switched, energy companies would have no motivation to stay competitive
  4. Switching supplier is free and easy to do
  5. No physical work is required, it’s just a change of who bills you

I think you’ll agree that there are many reasons to switch. Which leads on to the next question…

Who Should I Switch to?


There are plenty of small and large energy suppliers in the UK market, so which one is the best? It’s a good question.

I’ve personally used many different suppliers over the years, including EDF Energy. They are one of the largest suppliers to the UK market, so you’re in safe hands with them.

EDF Energy


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Here are the 3 top reasons why I would switch to EDF Energy:

#1 Sustainable Energy


I like how EDF produce energy from sustainable sources, such as wind farms and carbon free sources, such as nuclear power stations, in addition to the traditional coal and gas burning stations.

Sustainable Energy Supply Statistics

#2 Electricity Producer


They produce 20% of the electricity used in the UK, making them the largest producer of electricity. This energy comes from mainly carbon free or low carbon emission sources, as shown above.

Power Output to the Grid

#3 Competitive Pricing


Energy Plans

EDF Energy


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EDF are one of the most competitively priced energy companies in the UK. A price comparison search will show you that they perform very well comparatively, and they have some amazing deals on at the moment.

Energy Plans

What about their Negative Reviews?


How many times have you ever left a review for an energy company, or any company for that matter, when you were really happy with their service? How about when you were unhappy?

So you’ll see that in reality only the customers who have problems will end up leaving reviews, which skews the results if you look online.

EDF Energy came 4th in the 2015 uSwitch energy awards

EDF Energy Reviews

How do I Switch?


It’s a simple, 3 step process and is backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Energy Switch Guarantee

  1. Find your latest gas and electricity bill
  2. Head on over to EDF energy and get a quote
  3. Complete their online form and they’ll do the rest

Any supplier will have a simple and quick method for switching you to them. After all, it’s in their interests to do so.

It can all be done online with just a few clicks of a button so it’s never been easier and more hassle free. You could literally start saving money almost immediately.

EDF Energy


Get a quote from EDF Energy now…


Dual Fuel


I always like to get my gas and electricity from the same supplier. It’s simpler and easier to manage and there are usually incentives and ways to save money when you do it this way.

Monthly Direct Debit


A great way to save money and not have the hassle of having to pay a bill each month, as it comes out automatically. Most companies will offer you a better deal for this method of payment.