Elnur 3.4Kw Combination Storage Heater

When you want a heater that generates heat in the most economical way, by using your electricity overnight on a low tariff, but also gives you the ability to heat your room in a more conventional way when you want to, this is the appliance that you should buy now.

Heat Settings

– Storage and convection heat

– Suitable for areas up to 40m²


– Storage heater uses low tariff electricity

– Generates heat immediately


– User guide for easy installation

– Build in thermostat controls


– Rest easy with a 5 year warranty

– Use storage heater or convection

In Our Opinion…

For those who want to take full advantage of an economy electricity tariff overnight by generating heat in this storage heater and using it in the day, this is a fantastic and powerful option for you. In addition, the unit comes with a built in convection heater so should you require an extra boost of heat during peak hours you can easily switch it on.

The controls make it easy to switch between the storage heater and the convection heater parts of the unit. You can set the thermostat to control the heat to the exact temperature that you want it to be.

It’s a powerful combination heater, delivering up to 3.4Kw of heat when on full power, so it’s suitable for larger conservatories, bedrooms, spare rooms, attics or other areas of your home that you want to prevent from getting too cold over the colder autumn and winter months.

The fact that this unit comes with a 5 year warranty is very reassuring in our opinion because it means the manufacturer is very confident in the build quality and durability of the product and the parts used in it.

Installation and fitting of the product is best completed by an electrical engineer who knows what they are doing but if you understand basic electrical wiring and feel confident to do it then it’s up to you how you install it.

Buy Elnur 3.4Kw Combination Storage Heater

This efficient and convenient combination storage heater will last you for years and ensure that you never get cold due to its powerful storage capacity and supplementary convection heater.

1.7kw Storage Heater

Buy Elnur 3.4Kw Storage Heater

Have your cake and eat it! This brilliant combination economically generated heat with the ability to use normal power too.

Advantages: Economical with the ability to use normal power, too. Ideal.

Disadvantages: It’s quite a large unit so check your measurements before buying

Approx. price range: £370 – £390

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