Elnur 2.55Kw Storage Heater

This storage heater is a no nonsense, well built product that keeps things simple with high quality parts to ensure a long life with no maintenance. Ideally suited for those who want a one time install then set and forget about it.

Heat Settings

– Manually override temp. control

– Suitable for areas up to 30m²


– Makes use of low tariff electricity

– Thermostat built in as standard


– Built to health & safety standards

– Inbuilt overheating mechanisms


– 5 year warranty for peace of mind

– Slim at 150mm in depth

In Our Opinion…

For a long term storage heating option this high quality unit is ideal for those who want a solidly built, economical storage heater which will take full advantage of the lower cost of electricity during off peak periods at night.

Integrated controls for adjusting the temperature are simple and work well. There are no flashy, complicated and faulty prone electronics to deal with. This model keeps things simple and easy to use so that it will last for years to come.


Capable of delivering up to 2,550 Watts of power means that it will cope with larger rooms without a problem and keep you warm throughout the winter months. This level of power will be sufficient to heat a room of around 30m² and is suitable for bedrooms, garages, lofts or conservatories.

The manufacturers are so confident in the heater’s ability to deliver and their build quality that they give a 5 year warranty as standard with this item. Now you can rest easily knowing that your extra investment in this piece of kit will remain worthwhile for a minimum of 5 years.

Buy Elnur 2.55Kw Storage Heater

A great buy for those who want a product that is going to last for many years to come and is an powerful, effective and efficient way of heating up an area of the home which either does not already have a heating source or would benefit from an additional heating boost every now and then.

Elnur Storage Heater

Buy Elnur Combination Storage Heater

A very economical storage heater where the designers have taken a no frills, reliable approach to designing this piece of kit and it comes with a 5 year warranty to back that build quality.

Advantages: Economical and has a great warranty

Disadvantages: This items is a little larger than normal so make sure you have space for it

Approx. price range: £295 – £310

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