Downflow Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

A cheap but effective bathroom heater is what you will be getting when you purchase this product from Amazon. With a maximum 2kW power output, but adjustable to 1kW on installation, you also get sufficient power for most home kitchens/bathrooms that require an extra warmth boost.

Heater Highlights

  • Adjustable 1kW or 2kW
  • Automatic safety cut out
  • 1 year warranty
  • Reduces heat automatically
  • Safe for bathroom use
  • Great value for money

This is a great little heater. Great for when I come in from gym, house is cold and shower needed. Switch on and by time I come out of shower shower room/toilet feels warm. And that is only on the 1Kw setting !

– Mac Allan, Verified Amazon UK purchaser

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In Our Opinion…

With the clean and crisp look and feel of this little heating unit you would definitely think it would cost more than it does. When you turn it on and feel the level of heat that it can pump out you’d also be forgiven for thinking that you had a much more expensive model. Those are two good reasons that this is such a great buy.

It needs to be installed straight to the mains supply as is the case with all electrical appliances that can be potentially dangerous in wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms and damp porches, so it doesn’t come with a plug attached.

Customers who have purchased this unit are very impressed with the build quality and performance of it. The only small complaints are that the operation cover where you need to open to switch between 1kW and 2kW heat settings is hard to open/close and a little fiddly, but you only need to do that on installation. One thing you need to be aware of is that you need to have the heater set to 2kW in order for the thermostat to kick in and drop the heat output down to 1kW. There is no automatic off, you have to manually turn it off using the power cord.

Note: It should be installed by a qualified electrician and there is no plug for it. However, if you know the basics, like how to wire a plug, you could have a go yourself. It’s your call…

Key Points

  • There is no plug
  • It can only be wall mounted
  • You have to choose either 1kW or 2kW power output at installation
  • Thermostat only available in 2kW mode

Please bare in mind that you need to maintain this heater, just like any other part of your home so you will need to ensure there is no build up of dust in the fan from time to time. For this price you really are getting a lot for your money and it will look good in almost any bathroom. With its compact design and all white finish it will almost go unnoticed if installed in an appropriate position.

Feel free to have a read of our other bathroom heater reviews. We really rate this heater but there are others out there, the one which is most similar to this being the Glen 2kW bathroom heater.

Buy it Now…

Like what you have heard and really like the price? We thought as much, so go ahead and buy now from Amazon while stocks last. We have known for them to go out of stock regularly for this price:

2kW Bathroom Heater

Downflow 2kW Heater

A really affordable, clean and unobtrusive heater that would look at home in many a bathroom or kitchen…

Advantages: Cheap, crisp finish and reliable

Disadvantages: Lack of automatic turn off

Approx. price range: £23 – £26

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