Electric Heaters for Conservatories

As the colder autumn and winter nights draw ever nearer, your home will begin to get colder and you’ll start to fire up the gas central heating or light the fire.

For those with conservatories, you are likely to close up the doors which lead to your “sun parlour” for another year because there is no central heating.

Electric wall heaters are one solution to this problem, which you will find included below in a list of hand selected and highly recommended heating appliances which are ideal for heating conservatories.

#1 Luxury

5 star rating
Prem-I-Air Halogen Heater

Infrared, Infrastrip Heating Device – 1.8Kw

An innovative, ultra modern heating product that is suitable for large areas both indoors and out with a splash proof covering…Full review

#2 Best Buy

4 star rating
1000W Panel Heater

1000W Ultra Slimline, Modern Heating Panel

A slimline, stylish and efficient heating panel ideally suited for your conservatory. Looks amazing, comes with a 5 year warranty and works brilliantly…Full review

#3 Value

3 star rating
2000w Conservatory Heater

2000W Panel, Conservatory Heating Unit

For those who want a no frills but effective and powerful heating source for a cold room of the home, this is a fantastically affordable option…Read full review

Why These Electric Heaters?

The halogen and electric heaters that you see above are not your everyday heating appliances, they have been specially selected because of their ability to warm a room surrounded on all sides, and even from above, by glass which allows heat to escape all too easily.

We’ve carefully selected heaters which cater for a range of budgets and requirements in order to ensure there is one for you. From electric wall mounted to free standing, they have been chosen because they deliver perfect levels of heat when and where you need it so you can rest, comfortable and cozy in your conservatory all year round.

If you are looking for a heating appliance that would be more suitable to garage types of environment, check out the X-large heating units page.

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