Best Bathroom Heaters

When it comes to bathroom heating, there is a certain risk associated with water and electricity.

Most modern homes have heated towel rails or built in central heating which is sufficient to heat the bathroom, but a large percentage of UK bathrooms still do not have a heater.

This is where investing in some kind of wall mounted, panel or downflow electric bathroom heater works well.

Check out our hand selected best bathroom heaters which we have independently reviewed.

#1 Best Buy

5 star rating
Glen 2kw Bathroom Heater

Glen Bathroom Heater – 2kW

A compact, reliable heating source liked by many customers to keep you warm in the bathroom…Read full review

#2 Good Buy

4 star rating
Downflow Bathroom Heater

2kW Downflow Wall Mounted Fan Heater

A Great value, simple yet effective heating unit suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and produces a nice 2kW of power…Read full review

#3 Radiator Look, Low Energy

3 star rating
Prem-i-air Bathroom Heater

2000W Panel, Conservatory Heating Unit

For those wanting a low cost, low energy but effective radiator style looking bathroom heater this is the one you want to get…Read full review

Why These Electric Bathroom Heaters?

The bathroom wall mounted, free standing and fan heaters above are not just ordinary halogen, electric wall units. They have been designed specifically for use in potentially wet environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is often quite steamy after taking a shower and your hands might be wet so having a plug socket around water is not a good idea. These units need to be hard wired into the mains supply to reduce the risk of electric shocks.

Out of the three units we have reviewed two of them are wall mounted and can only be hard wired into the mains electricity supply whereas the 3rd one can be free standing but it is recommended to be hard wired if used in an area that is likely to get wet.

If you are looking for a heating appliance that would be more suitable to garage types of environment, check out those units here. Or for more information about fan heaters, check out the information on Wikipedia.

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