2000W Panel Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Fitting in well within any room within the home, especially a conservatory, this slim and effective radiator styled heating unit will provide a powerful heat source to any room as and when required for little cost.

Heat Settings

– Adjustable thermostat with 24 hour

– Simple on/off switch on side of unit


– 2Kw delivered evenly across panel

– Heats rapidly when you need it


– Auto overheat cut off switch

– 13 amp plug fitted as standard


– Wall or floor fixing (feet included)

– Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

In Our Opinion…

For those who want a reasonably slim heating unit for their conservatory this item will deliver what you need. It packs a powerful 2000w power output so is suitable for heating medium to large sized areas in a very short time period, which is ideal when it’s really cold.

Conservatory Heater Side ViewThere is a manually operated thermostat control on the front of the appliance which makes it easy to adjust the heat to the required level. The on/off switch is conveniently located on the side of the unit. It won’t win any prizes for innovation but it does the job effectively and looks tidy.

You can either wall mount the unit or keep it on the floor with the provided feet that keep it upright. You should only use it when in a horizontal position, both on the floor and when wall mounted. It’s reasonably thin and lightweight so is easy to move around but can easily be tucked out of the way along a wall.

Should you require the heater to go on/off at a certain time you can easily set that using the 24 hour time which comes as standard on the unit.

Buy 2000W Panel Conservatory Heater

This portable and reliable heating unit is ideal for heating those areas which get a little cold in the winter months, such as a conservatory, garage or loft. The heat it delivers will warm you up in no time at all and without you noticing a big increase in your electricity bill. Buy now through trusted and safe Amazon and have it delivered straight away.

2Kw Conservatory Heater

Buy 2Kw Ultra Slim Panel Convector

A no frills, cost effective option for those who want an ultra slim radiator unit, ideal for a conservatory or small room.

Advantages: Adjustable thermostat with 24 hour timer, ultra slim and looks clean

Disadvantages: This is not the most innovative heater you will find on the market but it does the job well

Approx. price range: £45 – £55

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