1000W Slimline Adax Neo, Energy Saving Electric Panel Heater

This stylish and modern heating panel is a great addition to any conservatory or room where you require a little extra heat but you don’t want a large, ugly heating unit. Slimline, elegant and energy saving this model really delivers on all fronts.

Heat Settings

– Thermostat controlled, 6-30C

– Automatically adjusts for night and day


– Saved up to 25% on energy usage

– Doesn’t burn dust and oxygen


– Safety cut off installed as standard

– Surface never goes over 75C


– Easy to wall mount or free stand

– Weighs only 5kg

In Our Opinion…

We love this ultra modern and stylish heating unit. It’s slick look and feel will suit any modern conservatory, yet will also never look out of place in a more traditional decorated room due to its neutral finish and soft edges. Furthermore, being so slim it is easy to see how this will fit unobtrusively into any sized conservatory or sun room where you need a little extra heat.

Conservatory Heater DisplayThe controls are easy to use and once you have decided on the temperature you can set it and forget it, as the inbuilt thermostat will take care of managing the temperature. Furthermore, the heater automatically adjusts itself according to whether it is day or night in order to reduce energy output. You can easily see the temperature with the digital display on the front of the heating unit.

Being able to output 1kw of heat means that it is suitable for most small to medium sized rooms, but for larger areas you would want additional units or opt for a higher power model (also available on Amazon). It’s lightweight, too, weighing only 5kg. You can either keep it on the floor or wall mount it.

In addition to all the benefits above, this unit also comes with a 5 year warranty to really fill you with confidence and peace of mind that not matter what happens you are covered in case of a problem with the heater.

Buy Adax Neo 1000W Conservatory Heater

For those with an eye for style, this electric panel heating unit which was designed specifically for use in conservatories is a great buy. It will deliver a nice boost of heat for the cold evenings when you need it the most. Buy it now and have it delivered in no time at all from Amazon and you’ll be feeling comfy sitting in front of it before you know it!

1Kw Slimline Radiator

Buy Slimline Adex Neo Energy Saving

A very slimline, energy saving 1000W radiator which is ideal for a conservatory and comes with a 5 year warranty to boot.

Advantages: Great warranty, slimline and looks clean and simple so suitable for any conservatory or wall in your home

Disadvantages: The 1000W is not the most powerful output but it should do the trick for most people and situations

Approx. price range: £130 – £145

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