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- 1-2 people
- Home/indoor use
- 1200W Power


- 1-3 people
- Home/indoor use
- 1600W Power

Industrial Heater

- Garage/Workshop
- Large, covered area
- 3000W Power

Conservatory Units

- Slimline radiator style
- Stylishly presentable
- Cost effective

Storage Heaters

- Economical units
- Built to last
- Powerful yet efficient

Bathroom Heaters

- Cheap to run
- Wall mountable
- Safe for bathroom use

Air conditioning units

- Inexpensive to run
- Easy to move
- No installation

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Saving You Time

We have taken the time to hand pick the #1, best selling cheap heaters for your home this winter. All these certified safe halogen heaters are currently available on the UK market and we have updated our reviews for 2017.

Your choices range from cheap halogen heaters for sale to larger halogen electric fires. We understand that choosing a halogen heater can be difficult, due to there being such a huge number of options.

We are 100% independent and we don't even sell heaters...

Our aim is simple: To give you detailed, honest and helpful information and reviews of heating appliances based on actual customer feedback, experiences and our own opinions about the most cost effective heaters.

Whether you are looking for a cheap portable heater to warm your conservatory, a permanently fixed and wall mounted radiator style unit, a product to use instead of your fire every now and then or an outdoor, electric patio heater for the summer evenings while having a BBQ, we have reviewed all of these heaters and we're always adding more to the site.

Saving You Money

What is the best Halogen Heater? We believe that with the painstakingly put together halogen heaters reviews here, you will discover the most suitable, cost-effective and efficient heater you can buy.

We help you learn what the halogen heater running costs are and which suits your needs the best and not spend a penny more than you need to heating your home.

When you have made your choice about which product is most suitable for you, we give you the ability to buy from Amazon. We recommend Amazon because they are trusted, secure and the most efficient way to buy online today. They deliver promptly and if you have any issues they are always there to support you.

Saving The World...

Because we review every halogen room heater's energy efficiency you can rest assured that you are going to select the most energy efficient model so that you are not wasting money warming up empty space and also doing your bit for the environment by not wasting electricity unnecessarily.

How to Use this Site

We have listed the products in distinct categories to make your selection easier. Simply choose from one of the options above and you will be taken to a page which lists the different modern electric halogen heaters for sale that we have chosen, from where you can read more about each model and then buy online today.

We have reviewed all kinds of halogen heaters for you, from industrial halogen heaters to smaller ones such as the Challenge 1.6kw halogen heater and lloytron halogen heater. The most popular 1.6kw heater is the kingavon halogen heater, which is a good example of an oscillating halogen heater. It's a better option than the Challenge 1.6kW heater because it is almost identital but is cheaper.

Please note that the purchases you make are through Amazon so any product issues or returns should be aimed at the seller or Amazon. We do get a small commission if you purchase after clicking on a link here, which helps us to run this site.

Warmer Winters

With winter fast approaching in the UK, it's understandable that you are looking for a new portable halogen heater, similar to the ones you can find in stores such as Currys and Argos. These heaters will help give a boost to your central heating, for a fraction of the cost. Those of you with conservatories will know how cold they get in the winter, so we have added a new conservatory heater review category and a storage heaters category.

It's always best to prepare early for the cold. Damp and frozen pipes can quickly become a problem which is expensive to fix. Buy a halogen heater today and save yourself a lot of time, effort and money

The Halogen heaters wiki page has more information if you want to check that out, too.