Independent, impartial advice on selecting
the best halogen heater

Deciding which electric heater to buy can be confusing.

We've hand picked the best portable heating products and categorised them
so you can select the most appropriate one for your needs.

Choose from one of the options below...


- 1 person
- Less than 100 sq foot
- Up to 800W


- 1-2 people
- Less than 150 sq foot
- Up to 1200W


- 1-3 people
- Less than 200 sq foot
- Up to 1600W


- More than 3 people
- More than 200 sq foot
- More than 1600W

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How we can help you

Saving You Time

We have taken the time to carefully look at the advantages and disadvantages of a large range of heating products currently available on the UK market. We understand that when faced with a large number of choices it can be difficult to know which heater is most suited for your needs.

best halogen are completely independent and we don't even sell heaters...Our aim is simply to provide you with buying information and reviews based on real customer feedback and our opinions about what's hot and what's not.

Saving You Money

With the information that we have put together on this site we aim to point you in the direction of the most suitable and cost-effective halogen heater that you can buy. By highlighting the positives and negatives of each heater, you can determine which warming device suits your needs the best and not spend a penny more than you need to.

We have direct links to where you can buy your chosen product for the best price to make it very convenient for you to simply buy straight away and be warm in your home in no time at all.

Saving The World...

Because we review each halogen heater's energy efficiency you can rest assured that you are going to select the model which is the most efficient so that you are not wasting money heating up empty space and also doing your bit for the environment by not wasting electricity unnecessarily.